Key steps for a standard installation

Step 2

  • Assemble the tank and its anchoring
  • Lower the tank into the hole
  • Fill the hole around the tank with 1m³ of lean dry concrete mix
  • Cover and compact the cabin area and need surroundings with MOT type 1

Step 4

  • Assemble the final elements of the door
  • Place the door
  • Place the locks
  • Fix the accessories inside the cabin

Step 1

  • Security marking work site
  • Fix individual and collective protections
  • On site delivery
  • Start of earthwork

Step 3

  • Assemble the structure of the cabin
  • Place the roof
  • Fix the wood cladding

step 5

  • Create the concrete slab inside the cabin
  • Fix the toilet seat
  • Clean and check the worksite surroundings
  • Create the access ramp for handicapped people where required

Movies dry toilet kazuba installation

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