Kazuba designs and manufactures autonomous, free standing public toilets which require neither water nor electricity, chemical products or additives and which are simple to install and manage.  Since 2006, Kazuba has installed hundreds of toilets all over Europe, usually up and running within 48 hours of delivery to the customer.  Efficient in conception and execution, Kazuba toilets respect both your budget and the environment.

Our products

Kazuba products are supplied as complete kits including the “Système de Toilettes Kazuba”, (STK), along with one of our integrated cabins from the KL range. Your kit is supplied directly to the installation site on a single pallet, ready for installation.

How does it work?

At the heart of our product is the “Système de Toilettes Kazuba”, the STK., a patented, separating reservoir which generates a constant flow of air guaranteeing odour free operation.

Installing a Kazuba?

Nothing more simple!


Our products are packed on a single double pallet and shipped from our factory to anywhere in Europe, arriving at your site for the day of installation. No need for local storage, no need for a forklift, we take care of everything.


Kazuba proposes three ways to buy and install your toilet according to your needs. Whether it be a tight budget, tight deadlines or want of technical personnel, we have the solution.

1. Kit

You do the work, we’re there by telephone if you need.

2. Assisted

A Kazuba technician will meet you on site and guide your team.

3. Full Service

Sit back and relax, we take care of everything

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