Routine servicing

Depending on the frequency of use, servicing is usually carried out once or twice a year. In circumstances of low frequency of use, servicing can take place every 2 or even 3 years.

Servicing Options

According to needs, habits, frequency of use, site and budgetary constraints, servicing is carried out in one of two ways, either on or off site. On site generally means treatment and disposal of waste on site by manual servicing, off site generally means asking athird party to intervene. Our customers often find that the best solution for them is a mixture of the two.

Whatever the site, conditions and constraints, Kazuba will help you estimate the frequency of use of your toilet and to identify the best waste management strategy for you to pursue.

On site servicing

Solid waste: in this scenario, solid waste is eventually dried inside the STK to a point where it is odour and pathogen free and can be disposed of on site. Disposal involves emptying the baskets of solid waste by hand and disposing by either by further composting, by burial or by incineration.

Liquid waste: the level of liquid waste in the system will rise and fall according to frequency of use and evaporation rate and, in many cases will not need emptying for longer periods of time. If and when the liquid waste level accumulates to point where intervention is required, this is usually undertaken by third party using a vacuum truck for off site disposal.

Off site servicing

Where the volume of waste is such that too much solid and liquid waste accumulates too quickly, particularly for sites of high frequency of use, third party intervention may be appropriate to dispose of both solid and liquid waste.

In this scenario a vacuum truck is called to empty both solid and liquid waste at the same time for off site disposal.

Mixed servicing

It may be the case that toilets are subject to periods of low use followed by periods of high frequency of use, in which case it may be appropriate to use on site servicing and occasional off site servicing.

In any case, Kazuba will be able to help you anticipate your needs and devise a waste management strategy accordingly.

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